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We don't outsource any of our process. Each canvas is printed and hand stretched in our office in Lake City, Florida.


We are all about transparency. We don’t want to misrepresent who we are, what we do, or pretend to be something we aren’t.

If you are looking for a big company that mass produces canvas prints, we aren’t it. All of our canvas prints are custom made to order. We stretch each canvas by hand and ship it directly to you.

We are a small family company. Owners Matt and Becky have been in the printing industry for a combined 20 years. We got our start working in a vinyl lettering production company, Honestly, we still work there! We use the same printers as the high quality vinyl prints. 

When the opportunity presented itself to print our own high quality canvas, we jumped. We saw a chance to start something that our girls can be a part of, something we can grow as a family. We also see it as an opportunity to help our local community. We have a heart to give and support those in need around us. This is a new avenue for us to do that through.

In the spirit of transparency, this is a side venture…for now. But it’s something that we would love to see grow. That does not take away from our commitment to providing the best canvas prints we possibly can. Will we make mistakes along the way? Yeah. But we will do everything we can to make it right!